Saving the turtle

baby turtles making their way to the open sea

Small projects to “Save turtles” is common practice among many staffs in resorts where baby turtles were found making their way to the open sea. The prevailing idea is that as baby turtles are very vulnerable to predators such as sharks (which are very common), it makes sense to detain them on their fatal journey and to nurse them till they grow up a little bit. Many small turtle conservation projects are done by resort staff with or without management involvement or help. However it appears this practice of nursing baby turtles in captivity is illegal and even dangerous for baby turtles.
Experts believe bringing up turtles in captivity causes the baby turtles to loose important skills such as hunting skills which they could only master in their natural habitat. Also that turtles brought up in artificial environment would find it harder to identify friends from foe as they would have been brought up as pets. Remember Garfield?
Our advice for resort boys (or girls of course..) is to refrain from the urge to nurse baby turtles in captivity as they being quite adorable will quickly take or demand lots of your time (which you don’t have..) and effort and care and at the end of the day are found to be detrimental to their own health and wellbeing. Better ways to help the turtles in the longer run would be to discourage friends in the islands and elsewhere to poach on turtle eggs and to dissuade people form “velaa furohun” (hunting adult turtles) and to spread awareness about turtles in general. Not that people are unaware about turtles but to press upon the point that most poached turtles and turtles eggs are not done out of necessity or for financial gains but for “fun”.


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