our next projects


Experience tells us that most employers take their job interview questions straight from textbooks and seldom does anybody care about originality.. Questions all too familiar and yet a necessary bane, a right of passage till we get there inside the resort. One of the many such standard question an employer might ask is “how or what information do you know about our resort?” And here in the not-haves of the digital divide most of us have no idea what to reply except “some friend told…” or “seen the job ad in a paper” etc etc. not very impressive replies for the all important HR man (or woman for that matter).
To address this lack of knowledge we intend to be as helpful to our fellow staff as we can. We are currently collecting info about various resorts, the brand and product names they market themselves, the changing histories of the islands as well as the complex business links that connect them altogether. The idea is that before applying for a job we shall arm us with appropriate info about the resorts and if we can not impress them with our resumes, to wov them with what we know! At least that’s the idea. We will have a little who’s who of resort owners, entrepreneurs etc as well as some distinguished staff whom we want to celebrate.. those two pages are already up but still there is a long way to go..
We are only hampered by the slow speed of our Internet access which hopefully we will overcome in a few days. We are always open for suggestions, corrections, help and hints and any contributions in kind etc.. Everyone is welcome and long live the Employees.


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