Index updates…

Thanks for all our friends and colleagues for updating us on more info about many other resorts and now we have a sizeable list of resorts. Still there is a long list of resorts we have to go through and hopefully in the next few weeks we will be able to put a grade on all or many of them. Our goal is here to put numbers on them for the services the resorts offer to our friends and colleagues in various resorts throughout the country.
With this last update we have done some changes on how the questionnaire is graded to include weighting of the index which shall reflect more on the true position and be far more representative. The idea is that that the resort workers are not necessarily after small gimmicks of favors as such as pressuring the employers to celebrate their birthdays or to arrange outings and picnics for staff. What really counts is how much the staff takes away to his home after a long hard one month’s labor. If the money is good then the employer has done half his job. The other half shall be about the small gimmicks and favors…
Anyways that how our current thinking is. Everyone is welcome to comment and give ideas and share thoughts…


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