Resort staff facilities index updates..


A glimpse of how resorts treat us ‘The Staff’ is slowly emerging out of the data we are collecting and some interesting facts are coming to light! Although the data are incomplete now, the final values of the index for each resort will be a good measure of what services are offered to the staff. Our questionaire is composed of 27 questions focusing on all aspects of staff services and focused on tangible measureable criteria on various aspects of a resort workers life. The main ideas behind the questionaire are:
1) We are interested in the lowest common denominator … that is our survey shall find out what’s in store for the lowest person on the coorporate ladder of any resort, what services he or she gets.
2) Most measures which are required to give a better service to staff are not that costly to implement at all if there is a good enough will to implement it.
3) Knowledge is the key to almost everything… isolated in small islands all to themselves, resort bosses frequently loose touch with reality hence the need for eye opening knowledge. Knowledge on how or what services are provided to staff by other resorts etc..
4) There is distiction between what is a right and what is a favour. In our survey we are concerning us with ‘favours’ as services.


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