MATI scaremongering… again.

MATI the elitist business men’s club is again at it. Scaremongering which seems to be the best tool at its disposal right now. The issue is the global financial crisis and despite MATI’s own admission that the required research is still to be done, they are claiming that that recession has already come to Maldives. MATI has good reasons to do this. The most important reason being that at the time of transition of government from President Gayoom to President Nasheed MATI was found to have been pouring money into President Gayoom’s campaign and was on the loosing side of the issue. Now that President Nasheed is in office MATI is desperately trying to repair the political damage their old affiliation with the old regime has caused hence the scaremongering… Although the tactic might work with the ill informed public and to some extent the pliant media, such tactics would not go unnoticed by the new regime in Theemuge. Nor will the top echelons of MDP be likely to forget who backed them and who worked to undermine them.

To some extent the effects of global recession might be felt in tourism industry in Maldives but there is one small consistent advantage to Maldives because of the size of the country. Its only logical to assume that big countries with bigger industries will suffer most in the recession and smaller countries like Maldives could expect the few and chosen of the world’s rich. To complement this its a fact that most of the resorts in Maldives are designed and geared for the top to middle portions of client’s affluence. However the disadvantage of being small balances the little advantage of being small. That is while big countries might be affected more by the economic woes, so will they have more of absorbing capacity of the shock which smaller countries won’t have.

So overall there is lots of calculations to be done and appropriate fine tunings in the tourism industry will do lots of good to offset some of the woes. Basically what has to happen is that the marketing and reservations desks of the resorts has to come out of their collective day dreams and instead of warming comfortable big executive chairs, they have to do some actual marketing of suns and sands of Maldives. Years of economic growth has spoiled marketing departments boys and girls across the country and made them couch potatoes doing nothing except chatting and blogging in office time. The party has to end reality has to be faced. And the reality is grim. MATI is out there with a 1.6m$ budget to scare to new novice government and the outcome will be lesser rights for the workers and lesser privileges whilst greater say in everything for the few elite businessmen and zilch for the rest of us.


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