Labour Tribunal instituted

Employment Tribunal members taking oath of office
Employment Tribunal members meeting the president

The government has instituted the Labor Tribunal today and appointed members for the tribunal. The members of the tribunal are:
President: Mariyam Nazima, G. Miran tel: 7757893
Vice President: Muhammad Ahmed, H. Haaji Edhuruge
Memebers: Ali Najeeb, Ba. Kudarikilu, Neel
Memebers: Ibrahim Rifath, H.
Memebers: Hussein Shameem, H. Shady corner
Memebers: Fathimath Shifaana, H. Shifaanaa Villa,tel: 7616261
Memebers: Shabaab Rasheed, S. Meedhoo, Shabnam Villa, tel: 7775642

The members of the tribunal are appointed by the government and the members are only names to the workers. The members have yet to show how capable they are or how useful they can make their services for the average worker on the job. If these positions are only gifted as favors for affiliations or political associations then it would be one lost opportunity to do tremendous good for the industry and we in the tourism industry will be carefully watching. Congrats for the ETMs (Employment Tribunal members) and best of luck.


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