Ways to help the local economy

local girls sweeping lawns
local lawn sweeping girls

Tourism workers need not all be waiters and room boys or office boys. There are girls as well. There are others whose work goes sometimes unnoticed. Enter the humble sweepers… or path cleaners or named whatever.

Although most of the resorts in Maldives do employ their own little or big force of sweepers and island cleaners who for the most part would be categorized as maintenance workers, there are some resort islands who do employ locals from nearby islands which is very good for local economy. Most resort islands in Maldives although being prosperous in business once developed as a hotel, used to be the picnic island of the closest inhabited island nearby and most islanders would have fond memories of the island only a few years back. However as soon as the island becomes a resort the island becomes exclusive and the nearby island locals derive no benefit from proximity to prosperous business except in name.

In the interest of being good neigbourly, resorts needs to take into consideration such issues of relevance to their neighbors to foster trust and goodwill which is the ultimate guarantee of safety in a business. For example the recent incidents in Herethere Resort where break-ins and burglaries happened in the resort is directly linked with the unemployment situation in Addu atoll. Hence its important for resorts to give whatever benefit which can be given to their neighbors and foster good relations with the nearby islands.

Coming back to the sweepers they would mostly be local women who would welcome any opportunity to be productive whilst the resorts also would benefit from their experience and efficiency which is nothing to be compared to the multi skilled inefficient resort employees. The same can be said of local fishermen who would only be too happy to supply reef fishes and such sea food if the resorts would buy from them. Most of the time they would be prevented from such mutually beneficial business either because the supplies department might have prior agreements with importers thanks to insider dealings or other such forms of corruption which goes largely unnoticed by the all knowing managements.


2 thoughts on “Ways to help the local economy

  1. Hi all,

    I have some comments which i would like to share with you. as a former employee at Soneva Fushi Resort and Spa in Baa Atoll, I am surprise to hear the amount of strikes coming up lately in regards to employment rights.

    I am very happy at least the government had put up some rules which is still to be fine tuned.
    In regards to all these strikes i am still blaming to our fomer and present government. because, from the statics we knew that the demand for holiday makers in creasing.
    Why the government did not pressure for the resort owners to develop their existing employees.
    Why the government had given the expect and local ratio of 50-50 or what soever without thinking about job titles. what the resort owners are doing now is that out source the cleaners and doani crews include in the pay roll and adjest the ratio, and who is checking these things from the government.

    When the jobs are advertised in the news paper all the bigger position pasted in the news paper are just to show for proving that they did not get the qualified locals. ,most of the time when it come to the news paper the position are already recruited.

    I cant still see most of our high end resorts having Maldivian General Manager, Executive Assistant Managers, Human Resources Managers, Are we that much un educated now?

    If the government pressure to the resort owners, it is a must to have every resort a Local Human Resources Manager, Training Manager, Resort Manager, within 5 years will see the results.

    I do support Thai government policy for supporting the Thai nationals.

    Soneva Fushi is the first international five Stars resort opened in the Maldives and never come on the news papers having strikes. its is because, Sonu & Eva likes to hear staffs comments and if the staffs are not happy with the management, they have to resign or they have to change the attitude of Managing staffs.

    Discrimination is some thing the government has to check and iof it is proved, the resort must be fined with a big amount like not less than usd 100000/-

    i hope this is enough for tonight. if any one wants have more information on as such please feel free to contact me on the above email; i like to help for our Maldivian community.

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