Apartheid in canteen!

food cart
food cart arrives!

Although its a waning trend, junior and senior staff canteens is still a very common phenomena in most resorts in Maldives. The name junior and senior is not meant to be taken in its literal sense as its not the age of the employee which makes him eligible or ineligible for meals from a particular canteen. The demarcation is based on the seniority of the position and yes there might be the occasional ‘executive staff canteen’ above and extra to the two classes of canteens said above. Prevalence of this trend is seen less in resorts managed or owned by foreign companies whilst the locally owned and managed resorts seems not to have done their math on the viability of the mathematics involved in this food apartheid!

In the order of relevance here are the cons of the having apartheid in staff canteens!

1) Economics is firmly opposed to this as benefits of economies of scale are clearly lost when pointless 2 or 3 canteens are operated side by side serving the interests of bloated egos of some management staff.

2) While most resorts in Maldives have a premium on land use where the staff compound or quarter is squeezed in tight mostly in the middle of the island or wherever there is less beach, the big fat point of hosting an extravagance in the form of separate canteens is highly questionable.

3) The resentment among staff to such exclusive preferential treatment to some staff while the rest are treated as second class workers goes very much against the preachings of “social equality” and “empathy” quite common words in customer care briefings.


Although some resort owners are sympathetic to resort workers with varying degrees of fondness, the need for restraint and efforts to preserve the status-quo are invariably the work of management people who have this belief that they stand to loose on exclusivity which they have enjoined for many years. What has to happen is in the immediate future is for resort owners and business managers to come to an understanding that the days of treating staff as second class human beings shall be put to rest. That to provide top class service to guests the resort shall need top class staff who are happy with their job and and working conditions.


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