Cheats guide to promotion

There are no hard and fast rules about being promoted in resorts even though there are books and treatises written on this such as the famed dummy series books. The main points to remember should be:
1) Use your voice. Be assertive and aggressive where needs be. The underlying idea is to be heard above the crowd. Resort managers would love to see that trait in workers if not over done.
2) Remember to use correct form of salutation when addressing mangers or directors such as the all important “sir” or “madam” if the boss is Indian.
3) If working in front office or reservations be sure to know your facts. if pressed by a superior invent your facts!
4) Have a healthy dose of disdain for computers because most hotel managers and directors are not computer literate hence they will be suspicious of anyone competent in computer use.
5) Do not find fault with your food even if its unpalatable. Have your own supply of cup noodles and tuna tins and biscuits stock up for bad times. Because resorts managers have special dislike for employees complaining about food.
6) If working in maintenance department be sure to find work in or near areas of office and in office time. Make sure your work is noticed and make a big fuss about things if needs be. Never let them underestimate the dexterity or expertise required by your work.
7) Make a list of faults of your colleagues and and keep a note book and pen always. But don’t overdo in complaining. Because ultimately it will come back bouncing.
8 ) If you couldn’t convince them, confound them! This is applicable if you work in engineering or technical fields because most resort managers are not well versed in technical jargon. eg: use E=mc2 when calculating power but don’t get caught in the process!
9) Don’t ever forget Gm’s birthday or his family members birthdays if you are working in pastry. Make special birthday cakes for the occasion.
10) If working in housekeeping make sure GM’s or resort managers room is in perfect order and decorate with flowers. Be attentive to detail. Guests may not notice the fine print but GM will.


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