Staff accommodation

all employees are equal... but some are more equal than others...taking a nap… in a card board box.

All resorts in Maldives with very few exceptions are self contained islands where from electricity to water and food to everything else is either produced or supplied by the island and self sustained in a manner quite unique. So is the case with staff who are lodged in staff accommodation blocks mostly in inconspicuous places in the middle or corner of the island while the guests have their villas spread across the lagoon or beach or both. With restrictions to limit built-up area, most resorts do indeed have a problem of staff accommodation which might range from staff having to share 6 or 8 or even 10 in an average sized room to having to stack beds 3 or 4 rows vertically up! Besides the fun of having to live in these conditions and the constant pressure from the superiors at work to perform ever so better and greater on and off duty, at the end of the day the tired and worn out staff would again have to face another adventurous night and the monotony continues.
The few lucky resorts who have dedicated staff islands or arrangements to accommodate staff on nearby inhabited islands fare somewhat better being able to provide some job satisfaction in this area for the staff. One another real big issue in staff accommodation seems to be is disparity in quality of accommodation despite terrible limitations of land whereby the all powerful management gets pavilions and mansions sometimes better accommodation than the guests.
Ideally all resort employees shall have private rooms by themselves however scantily the furnishing should have been. Alternatively the same job satisfaction could be delivered if regular staff ferries from resort to Male’ could be arranged so that the local staff would have maximum time with their families and yet be able to work in the resort. This would apply to the majority of the resort islands closer to Male’ and to the majority of the local staff who by law are required to constitute half the population of any resort.


13 thoughts on “Staff accommodation

  1. Hello,

    Could anyone please tell me the quality of staff accomodation at the Four Seasons in Maldives Landaa Giraavadu?

  2. Dear Ahmed
    I agree that everyone doesn’t have to go Male’ very often. and management does not force anyone to go Male’ on there day offs. BUT there are poeple actually have families that they have to look after in Male’. And i do not understand you sayings about “if u are from addu u’ll understand” what does that mean??? i’m also from addu but i also has to go Male’. so be realistic!! it”s not abt which atoll u are from!

  3. Accomodation is a big issue in most resorts which need not be. What the resort owners need is to view the issue from a different perspective. For one if there are nearby inhabited islands than its a good idea to house the staff in that island which will be good for the island’s bussiness and welfare of the staff also. Because that feeling of being stuck in a luxury jail won’t be there. Am i right?

  4. Dear Y?. even if I am not working in the resort now! I can gurentee you I have more experience in that industry then you. Deferent resorts, with deferent management.
    You seem to be very new to the industry!
    On my first note I don’t mean that you don’t have to go Male. You can. But what i said was every one doesn’t want go male.

    Some few resort are only fail to provide basic need. Most of the resorts are providing more then expected. I don’t know which resort you are working in. If it is in Male atoll. Yes! You will have lots of things which you need to be thanking to the management.

    I am sure if you are not from Male for basic medical aid you have to come to male. Y? Is it not available in you island? If you are from Addu you will understand what I am trying to say! What medical service is provided in that island? r you happy with you island medical facilities?

    I do understand there are some issuers which can be rectify in hotel industry but there are lots of positive things. Eg: Some resorts are paying very good SVC and this SVC is some times better then your salary. I am not saying they are giving you the 100% SVC.

    My dear friend you better think not oly for your benifits. But think about the others also. Some time in your life time you may have to look after a big family. Try to have positive thinking.
    “You have to respect for good and bad”

  5. ahmed what are you talking.. do you think we are fighting for criminals right!.we are just saying in jail also they got beter service then us..
    once again i want ask are you a resort worker???
    do you think we dont need to go male if our family was not there in male?
    do you think they ( managment) provide our basic needs?
    do you know how much difficulties we got face if we got any illness do you think they will provide madical facilities..
    yes they will provide a card brufan or panodoll

  6. Do they have to get 5 star services? According to me they have to be treated as criminals. And they are criminals. Why do we always fight for criminals rights?
    Is that becayse you are planning for your self? Are you getting prepared for coming to jail?

  7. I guess in the jail also 5 people have to share 1 room. But in here we have to share 1 room among 6 or 8 people…. This shows that criminals are gettin better service than our hospitality workers. Guys it’s better to go gail than working in this industry.:D

  8. Can’t believe which is shown in the picture. What I can see from the picture is one guy is lay on a AC box. It must be some one went to change the AC unit from a guest room. And you took the picture like that!!!!

    Please note 99% resort workers families are not staying in Male. And there is no reason for us to go Male every second day unless if there is an emergency.

    I kindly request be truthful and write true stories. Lying is the weakest point of human.

  9. yes agree. might be. the funniest thing is that the managers claim they want to cut cost but when it comes to their own accommodation even guest rooms become less in priority. have seen this many times. if the staff requests something or other they would say we are not a charity. but they are very charitable when it has something to do with their accommodation.

  10. the picture in this represents us(ie:-resort workers)
    i have been to a resort where staff has to share the bunk bed with 15 other employees, this resort is own by the very famous richest guy in maldives he owns more than 8 resorts????

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