All the hype about staff training…

It’s not infrequent that resort managements and hoteliers in general would pat themselves on the back congratulating them on how well they are providing much needed training and educational opportunities in resorts to their “associates”. (Yes that’s the popular word for staff nowadays). But the word is only a word and the self congratulatory pat on the back is just that and no more! This is especially true of the vast majority of resorts in Maldives excepting maybe a couple or more resorts that do provide these services to the staff. On behalf of the grateful, thanks and ‘well dones’ are in order.
Here are some facts on the situation…
The rationale for providing educational assistance on job is a widely known and established practice in most parts of the world and the benefits of which is known and acknowledged. The benefits far outweigh the investment provided that reasonable limits are kept. However from resorts that has not heard yet about this concept to resorts which send their staff on lengthy scholarships abroad is all too common a scene in the tourism sector in Maldives. The range and scope of applicable education opportunities to staff vary from resort to resort. In some resorts even the physical makeup or build of the owner or GM might influence his decision on the type of educational assistance his staff gets. In the majority of the resorts that do actually have some budget or a policy on this (this said majority is in fact a tiny minority) what is taught goes not beyond the history of the founder of the business and how tough times were back then! These newly employed who would have to go through this training session would have only to repeat what the trainer said word for word like a parrot and that’s basically the end of training for life on a particular resort for a particular employee.
The situation being such there is indeed need for much work to impress upon the employers the need to consider relevance, usefulness and worth for money which at present seems to be lacking in these areas. What is offered as education or training to staff shall not be something to gloat over by the management but useful skills and knowledge which once applied at work would be of use for the betterment of the business.


3 thoughts on “All the hype about staff training…

  1. but they have these pompously named training directors and training managers to fill up big lists. whatøs the big use of names or positions if its only to appear dogoodie on paper_

  2. yes Y you are absolutely right, they are still sleeping. but there are some resorts who does train staff very well in Maldives. majority of the resorts doesn’t do give any traing at all to staff which they hire. what most of them will do is, when you come for job they will put u on back area for one day and thr next day you are on action!!! you don’t know what’s happening or what’s going on the floor. This is a really big issue on the resort. I have two words for resort owners and managements “Wake up” !!!!!

  3. why these people are investing big amount of money and start these kind of busines?
    i think for the profit dho…
    if they want make a good profit then they must give beter service dho.
    to give the beter service they must have good quality skill full staff.
    to make a good quality starff they must give beter training dho…
    *why did they still sleep*

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