Some clowns who say they represent resort workers…

tmu-300Who are these people who claim to represent resort workers? Who ever heard of them before and why are these people claiming to represent resort workers and where is the legitimacy in this? This self styled group of two lawyers nobody ever heard before held a press conference in “25” on 3rd December and when the press asked these very same questions they evaded answers and refused even to provide the telephone number of their offices of this so called TUW or Tourism Workers Union. Its shameful how brazen people can be when they have their own interests at heart and how selfish men of letters can be!

Clearly these are people who have no notion of how things are going on in resorts and are representing god knows who. However there is something interesting in here. Of the lawyers depicted above one is a lawyer for MATI (the organization representing the interests of the business elite). The other is said to have said at the end of the press briefing in “25” “I have no idea what this is about … I only came here because Haseen told me to…”


4 thoughts on “Some clowns who say they represent resort workers…

  1. What the **** they know about the resort workers, they just sit in their AC rooms. Have they ever visited the resorts to check our living standards. Beware of these fake agents of MATI. Mihad

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