why Mr. Deen is always fooled?

barber1Bandos is obviously one of the pioneers of tourism in Maldives and has created precedents in almost all fields of relevance for a resort in Maldives.
Bandos is a first to provide provident fund benefits to staff in Maldives as well the first one to preempt labor law provisions among the many that can be sung to her praise. Mention also has to be made of the “family effect” created in Bandos and is a unique feature of the island few disagrees. These being the most obvious pros of the resort there are also cons.
One such might have been the top brass team the ever so kind Mr. Deen forever mistakes to be honest and yet all the while he is only fooled by appearance. From as early as 1990 there were consistent rumors that managers misappropriate company and left Mr. Deen in the lurch. And the trend hasn’t stopped yet. According to reliable sources who work in Bandos things are so bad that Mr. Deen has finally given upon judgment on others and assigned the task of day to day running of the resort to a daughter so that he wouldn’t be swindled again. The current batch of management staff are said to be not in favor of this appointment and an atmosphere of a family feud appears to be in the making. The problem seems to be lack of trust with recent revelations that top management staffs were involved in smuggling out costly hardware items without knowledge of the owners. Little wonder while most resort owners in Maldives moved up from humble beginnings, Mr. Deen seems to be stuck forever in a level plain thanks to unwavering trust to anyone who demands to be trusted.
There is a popular Sri Lankan fable in which a kind hearted barber takes money only from affluent persons for his services while letting go of the poor for free. One day an ‘elua’ (a goat) notices how kind this barber is, decides that he needs a hair cut among other things…


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