Petition to urge the government to develop tourist resorts in H.Dh Atoll

Why this is important


Haa Dhaal Atoll has the highest population compared with the other individual atolls, yet the needs of the people from this atoll have gone unnoticed or perhaps unheard for years by consecutive governments. It is worrying to highlight that residents of Haa Dhaal Atoll earn the lowest income in this country. Similarly, but not surprisingly, people of Haa Dhaal Atoll have the lowest standard of living compared with other regions of Maldives. These factors, combined with lack of employment opportunitiesavailable within the atoll have caused mass migration of people to Male’ in search of jobs, better education and better healthcare. As a result, the resident population of Haa Dhaal Atoll is decreasing every year causing it harder to compete with other atolls on bringing development projects to many Islands that are in desperate need.

Higher standard of living and earning a decent income while working within the atoll is something we all dream of. The main sector that offer a decent and reliable income for people is Civil Service but this represents a small proportion of our population. At present, we have determined working people in fisheries and agricultural sector. However, their work is generally confined within the atoll as they do not have the necessary mechanism or the incentives to expand their work. In addition to this, inability to move their products between islands and low demand due to low resident population have caused them to settle for an income that barely meets their financial needs. The stagnated state of these activities have led to low income from fisheries and agricultural sector.

The state of our local economy is a great concern for the people of Haa Dhaal Atoll. More importantly, the absence of tourism industry within this atoll has become a major barrier for economic and social development. For instance, in many cases, men are having to work away from home for most of the time, leaving their responsibilities as the head of the family towomen who are increasingly being burdened with double responsibilities. This puts a lot of stress on both partners which leads to undesirable family issues. Similarly, young people are another particularly disadvantaged group within our atoll as a result of lack of employment opportunities. Unemployment is one of the main reasons behind the increasing rates of crime among the youth. This dire situation in our atoll is tearing up the social fabric of our society.

It has been over 40 years since the tourism industry flourished in Maldives. However, the atoll with approximately 20,000 people has not yet got the opportunity to enjoy the economic benefits of this sector. In fact, Haa Dhaal Atoll is the only atoll in Maldives that does not have an operational resort. We do understand that three of our islands have been given for resort development but it has been over 12 years without any of them being opened for tourists. This has cost 2,000 jobs that was promised for us with these resorts. Furthermore, some of our uninhabited islands have been leased for agricultural purposes.Sadly, even these agricultural projects have failed in creating enough employment opportunities for residents of this atoll.

We have waited long enough to enjoy the success and development that tourism industry has brought to other regions of the Maldives. We want the people of Haa Dhaal Atoll to have the convenience of working in resorts within this atoll without having to move to other regions.

We believe that development of resorts in our pristine uninhabited islands is the key to improve our income, hence improve our standard of living and to bring the mass migration to halt. This will not only allow us to have an equal participation in tourism industry but also pave the way for further development of this industry. Furthermore, creation of a more vibrant local economy will allow our fishermen and farmers to thrive and expand their work.

Hence, on behalf of all the people from Haa Dhaal Atoll, we humbly ask the government not to exclude us from this prosperous and growing industry. We urge the government to give the utmost importance to solve the issue of income disparity caused by uneven development of tourism industry in Maldivian atolls. Further, we urge the government to open up more islands for resort development in Haa Dhaal Atoll.

History will vouch for the courage of people from “Bodu Thiladhunmathi”. We are proud of our ancestors and we learn from their lessons. We seek courage from their strength and in honor of them, we will stand up in unity to bring the benefits of tourism industry within our reach.

So dear people of Haa Dhaal Atoll,

We ask on behalf of everyone of this atoll to sign this petition. The purpose of this petition is to deliver our concerns, hopes and wishes to the government. We hope the petition will make the government aware of the current economic and social situation in Haa Dhaal Atoll. We want to express our interest in being a part of the industry that generate the highest income for this country. We are here to fight for the development of our atoll and In Sha Allah this will become true in the near future!

Tholhendhoo Ruins:

How does an abandoned island look after 22 years? Here are some pics of Tholhendhoo which was abandoned in 1992 and the people of the island moved to nearby Kendhidulhudhoo. The island itself was a small beautiful island which didn’t have a calm safe lagoon which made it very difficult for the islanders to engage in fishing or sea transport.

Its autumn in Tholhendhoo. The haunting image of the main road of the island after 22 years of quietness.

Here is the island now; trees have grown up and erased all signs of past human habitation. Only a small area with a few roofs remains to show the history of the island.

Tholhendhoo (right) people migrated to their much big brother island nearby which is kendhikulhudhoo

The biggest tree in the island.

The ruins of the island pre-school.

The island office, once symbol of authority,

One last pic a villager took of his home before emigrating to new life in Kendhikulhudhoo

The farewell ceremony of the island was attended by by the then president Maumoon.

From a distance the beaches of the island are the same as any other island, but Tholhendhoo has a history.

Sherton Full Moon workers on strike over low service charge

Local workers of Sheraton have stopped work and are on strike citing service unbelievably low charge, discrimination against workers and nepotism. According to one worker in the island, the service charge has been around an unimpressive 600$ for most of the year including in the high season. This is in contrast to $2k and above in Kihaava Villas and other top resorts in the country. It’s strange that big brands like Sheraton could have got things so wrong in the middle of high season when everywhere resort workers are expected to earn substantial incomes. One worker opined that the resort feels immune from pressure because of the strong connections to the resort owners (Universal Group) with the ruling class.

Gaakoshibee to be the first Islamic resort in Maldives.

The resort being developed by ADK group is about 70% complete and will be the newest and the biggest in Maldives. Once complete Gaakoshibee will have 673 rooms and would have cost 170 million dollars to the main investor Caprice Gold of Turkey. The project for the island has started in 2007 and gone through several plans and investors and this hopefully will be the last twist in the story till the island opens. The island is located in Shaviyani atoll in the north and will be 50 minutes from sea plane from Male airport. The resort will have an Islamic concept of tourism with separate secluded beach for ladies only, pool villas for couples and certified halal buffet from all the restaurants. The island will not sell any alcohol and will be family friendly.

Although we have several middle eastern tourists arriving in Maldives including royalties from Gulf states, a resort island for the Muslim tourist has been wanting for some time.


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Workers strike in One and Only Reethi Rah

A workers strike has been going on in one and only Reethi Rah for more than one day and it appears that the employer has again taken the weary route of resorting to ask help from ‘higher’ authorities rather than engaging with the workers. A report on Mvyouth claims that as of 0300 today, the resort has refused to meet with the representatives of the workers to negotiate their demands. Police teams have been send to dissuade the staff from protesting and it appears that staff have been given ultimatum to stop the demo as of today. The demands are as usual about salary, discrimination, poor accommodation etc. The number of workers who joined the protest is about 200.

It’s amazing how big employers like One and Only cannot manage simple demands like better food and accommodation and every so often strikes springs up in Reethi Rah.

Dusit Thani Maldives: heart to heart review by staff

Dusit Thani Maldives

Dusit Thani Maldives

One of the newest brands to Maldives, Dusit Thani Maldives is a popular resort according to many reviews in TripAdvisor. Among the many endearing terms used in the review these terms stand out. Helpful people, eco-friendly resort, top notch service, prestigious resort… After every review in TripAdvisor there appears a thanking little message by GM of the resort thanking for the review.
For lack of a similar service where staff can rate their employer, we had to ask about from our friends in the resort to give us an honest, heart to heart review of the resort, and what we got is not amusing at all. Here is one review by a trustworthy source about the resort:

The resort has recently decided to drastically cut down on benefits for staff and is currently in the process for terminating 60 local staff. That’s almost half of the total employees whose agreements will not be renewed. While most of the resorts goes to great lengths to keep their longer serving staff in the island, this looks like a departure from that trend. RNR (Rest and Relax 1 or 2 week extra paid leaves given to manager level persons) will be restricted only to a handful top managers. Around 70 local regular staff has been kept in limbo without permanent work agreements (used as casual workers; mostly this is the case for expatriate laborers in other resorts). Laundry, stewarding, gardening and landscaping, powerhouse, pest control, and public area cleaning services are going to be outsourced. Staff will not be able to plan their holidays or accumulate pending off days or lieu days for public holidays when going on annual vacation. This is allowed and hassle-free in most resorts. Most of the staff who worked in the pre-opening team are being terminated for flimsy and sometimes made-up reasons by their superiors who joined later. The resort Financial Controller is reported to have said that service charge for local staff shall be capped at 250$ per month irrespective of occupancy. Many local staff have been threatened with summary dismissal for minor reasons. There are only 3 locals in management level which is very low compared to other resorts. It seems the management is not willing to listen to any complaints or suggestions; and staffs have been dismissed for revealing these grievances in meetings with GM. Despite these negatives, the staff believe it has more to do with the individual temperaments of the managers themselves than company policy, which is making the resorts appeal less to local talent.

Our assessment: overall this is a good employer which has to do some serious housekeeping work to make sure from the management side, things are as it should be. Frequently what would happen is resorts are part of bigger chain of hotels and local management is assumed to be in order from corporate office if the monthly figures look ok. But there is always room for improvement and if half of those on the payroll are to be replaced in a year, then there indeed is cause for alarm. As for employing local workers wherever possible, this should be included in the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and followed through to execution especially considering the high level of unemployment in the host country and the potential for conflict which will ensue.

Madoogali and Velidhoo Island fined for breach of standards

Madoogali Resort and Spa, and Velidhoo Island Resorts have been fined 1000000 Rf and given a month’s notice to resolve health and safety problems.

A letter from the Ministry of Tourism states that resort does not have a proper garbage disposal mechanism, lacks can crushers, glass crushers, balers and shredders. The letter also states that the accommodation and catering facilities provided to the resort staffs are below regulation standards.

A Ministry official stated that the resort operator has been repeatedly asked to resolve health and safety issues since 2011.

Also, the official stated that they are currently investigation allegations against the resort management regarding Service Charge Taxes.

The Tourism Ministry has reportedly forwarded the case to the Prosecutor General’s office.

On reflection it can be said that it’s just stupid to run high end resorts and not spend on upkeep of the hotel. Another point is that although the law mandates resorts to have incinerators, compactors, bottle crushers; one very crucial element of the recycling idea is missing. It’s the buyers who will take the compacted cans, paper bales and use them to actually recycle something out of it. As long as we are burning or throwing things which can be recycled, we are just wasting resources.

On the positive side, it’s a good thing that the ministry appears to be getting tough on standards.

Eid Mubarak! It doesn’t get any better than this.

The picture depicts S. Meedhoo residents praying Eid prayer yesterday. The whole island men, women, children, strangers all gathered to pray eid in the beautiful morning in the island football ground. The prayer is a simple sermon admonishing people to do good and avoid evil. This is a welcome break from months of politicking and everyone enjoys a communal day of well wishing and befriending again after being glued to tv for some time. After the prayer, usually the youths will participate in a football match and girls will do a bashi (like tennis) match. The younger ones also get their own function with kiddies games arranged usually by everyone. Usually on Eid the senior folks walk from house to house chit chatting and enjoying each other’s hospitality till sunset. Its times like this when people realize how beautiful island life can be.

Fake demos cost travel advisories against the country

Basically it happens like this. The country is highly polarized with people pro and against controversial former president Anni. Approximately a little bit less than half of the population supports him while the rest are split between what could be termed as royalists (PPM) and progressives (JP coalition). So we have 3 major political thinking at the moment. The current hullabaloo about the case before Supreme Court is just a technical legal process which has to be completed whoever runs the show. There are many issues in the whole story including the personal lifestyle of a Supreme Court judge and the quality of evidence JP submitted against the first round of presidential elections. To summarize the whole story, it may be safely said that politicians are encouraging disruptive behavior by calling for tourism boycotts which are usually followed by unsuspecting politically naïve followers.

In resorts the political wheeling and dealing are enthusiastically followed by resort workers who discuss the finer points of the days happening after duty hours normally in the staff gym or cafeteria. There is great camaraderie and honest heart to heart discussions sometimes quite heated. To make for a party atmosphere soft drink cases are usually bought from staff shop and enemies and friends enjoy political toast to their political masters in Male’. Usually somewhere in the discussion the idea to capture the moment and share in social media occurs to somebody and is carried out.

From there on the evil political masters take over and twist the story to their advantage and start frantic anti campaigns against the country.

To make the story go viral they even include Iran and Syria as well in the hash tags to get attention to the story.

The damage has already been done. What started as a light hearted talk was quite successfully turned to something more sinister. Travel advisory against the country has already been issued from 5 countries and more are to follow. Those who are calling for tourism boycott against the country are the true enemies of the country. Tourism can make or break this country and no sane person with a cool mind will call for self destruction. If this was about a single hotelier abusing the staff or something similar, a strike can be justified. But we have at the moment is no strikes and irresponsible hot-headed politicos inviting maximum damage to the country. It’s sad that TEAM the biggest organization representing tourism workers also appears to support boycott of tourism forgetting that more than half of those who work in resorts are not going to support their political view. TEAM shall be more neutral and be support of all political views to succeed in the long term. Whichever party comes to power, a self damaged economy would be the most difficult wound to heal.

Election fever, everywhere…

goidhoo jumuhoory campaign

Its everywhere now, the tv, the blogs (ours included with this piece), the news papers. Its also that time when people can enjoy a little bit of dreaming about the many promises the politicians make. Reality will always dawn after the results are known and the first 100 days gone.

The list of promises this doesn’t seem to be burdened with any sense of balance unlike the in previous election when they at least tried not to drift away to promises. Below are some pledges various politicians are making to the people as of now. God only knows what they have in mind come tomorrow. These pledges and promises are not based on facts, studies or based on any such frivolities of life. Some are just gut feelings they have, concocted on the spur of the moment…

1) The (proverbial) bridge between Male’ and Hulhule; perfectly feasible but unlikely to be started for another 5 years.

2) OLPC… our version of one laptop per child by Gasim . The explanation for this was to lighten the burden of heavy books the students are carrying to school!

3) Anni’s banana and milk pledge for students to sip in the interval time…

4) Pledge to upgrade the 2kRf for the elderly to 3.5k by Dr. Waheed. The catch might be to raise also the age of the recipient to another 5 years!

5) A house (basically) for every married couple upon getting married! By Gasim,

6) Creation of thousands of jobs. By Gasim, Yameen, Anni and Waheed. How nobody seems to know and whatever they know, they certainly are not articulating well enough. Maybe they have ideas of opening factories etc. But this is also a very manageable issue if they would acknowledge their previous efforts were misdirected.

From the direction of general discourse, its very likely that neither party will get the 50% votes to conclude the exercise in one round (ebburun). If it indeed comes for a second round, its very likely that all parties except MDP will make a grand coalition to defeat MDP in the second round.

Dr. Waheed the incumbent president is all alone by himself without support of any big party after his coalition partners joined Gasim because of lack of campaigning.


anni campaign goidhoo

10 Common Problems with Perfect Staff: Be Careful – By Ken Burgin (and our commentary)

The following is an interesting article for industry bosses in with friendly commentary. Please don’t forget to comment.

All credits belong to the original author in the hyperlinked site.

Do you employ Mr or Ms Perfect? – They smile a lot, they cover extra shifts, know how to fix the fryer, how the boss likes his coffee and can cheer up cranky guests like magic.

And because everything is going so well, it’s easy to leave them alone while you concentrate on fighting other fires. But putting time into managing these people can be a much better investment than constantly chasing problem staff. And if you don’t, there’s a bunch of bigger issues that may come up. So far so good!

So what could go wrong? Everything really…

They may burn out from taking on too much. A key goal for all staff should be work-life balance – it’s not just a new fad. Enthusiasm can slide into feeling exploited, and then resentment. Work with them on career plans (what’s that?) and ensure (insist!) they have good holidays.

You may be overpaying them. (this happens mostly in movies …) The relief of having reliable help tempts some owners to be too generous. (ROFL) Make sure that the pay is not out of line with other key staff.

Are they good because everything else is so bad? If the systems are faulty, lacking or chaotic, you need super staff to hold the place together. If you’ve got good, clear systems and everyone ‘follows the manual’, it’s surprising how well a 20 year old can run key shifts. Agreed

They may not be great team players. Don’t let resentment build – suddenly Mr NewGuy is getting all the love and attention. Other staff may be good ‘B team’ workers but they just don’t share this person’s mad enthusiasm for being at work. Developing teamwork, with all it’s subtlety, is a key skill for supervisors and may be an area where this person is weak. Exactly

Do they know more about the business than you do? It’s never a good look when the staff know more than the boss – how to fix a POS problem, find an emergency wine delivery or handle a sudden large booking. You don’t have to do everything yourself, but you (this meant the boss right? Ok… hmmm) need to show you can make it happen.

They have no life outside work. This is a business, not a religious order – is something happening at home (a lousy Something? J No. everything is happening there…) that could affect future performance? Do they find it hard to form adult relationships? It may affect their team work.

Is doing a ton of shifts just a short-term fix? Why do they need so much extra money? (did they? Who did?) Is it a gambling problem, family drama or crazy spending habits? Technically it’s not your business…until it becomes your problem.

They might fall in love. Be realistic – everything will change. If they’re single, (or even double) someone (else) perfect may come along and suddenly the world is different. Long hours at the business come second to evenings with someone special.

Someone will steal them. New operators often overpay (who said that?) - it may be the only way they can attract talent. Your star may be tempted by a dazzling offer – more money, responsibility or glamor. Time will tell if the new job lasts – your competitive advantage is your reputation, the generous salary and benefits package you offer, the ease of working there and the ‘solidness’ of your business. Make them more obvious.

Even perfect staff don’t balance the till and count the float. There have been too many tragic tales of supergirl helping herself to the proceeds. Keep audit systems strong, and make sure they take regular holidays. People who are genuinely good don’t mind proving they are honest. Yup.

Does this mean less trust or lower expectations? Not at all – just make sure ‘how we do it here’ (the systems) are of the same quality as the person in the limelight. Careers change quickly and even golden staff are tempted by crazy pay offers. No problem, we’re covered…next!

Centara Ras Fushi Resort opens and some useful info


15 minutes by speedboat from Male International Airport, is the four-star Centara Ras Fushi Resort & Spa Maldives, earlier the Giraavaru island resort.

· 140 suites and villas

· Some of the best-known diving spots in the Maldives, including Giraavaru Cave, Kiki Reef, Kuda Haa, Lion’s Head and Shark Point are within a 20-minute boat ride of the resort.

· The resort is owned by Centara Hotels & Resorts and represents an investment of US$54 million.

· The resort will be adult-focused with its beach villas and over-water villas being scattered around the island and designed to provide privacy for guests.

· Beach Villas and Water Villas size minimum is 42sqm.

· Centara Hotels & Resorts is Thailand’s largest operator of hotels, with 38. With further 17 resorts in the Maldives; Philippines; Vietnam; Bali, Indonesia; Sri Lanka; and Mauritius Indian Ocean, brings the present total to 55 properties.

· Centara operates 25 branches of Spa Cenvaree,


W Maldives is The best employer of 2012

By numbers, W Maldives is the best employer of the year in 2012.

Below is the list of service charges for various resorts in 2012.

MRW congratulates W Maldives for being the best employer in 2012 and urge other resorts to make a fair attempt to get the title of the best employer in 2013.

For most of the resorts, it’s just a matter of coming clean through accounts to give a fair distribution of service charge to the staff, which is by law entitled to staff.

Alimatha Strike update

Confrontation with police had happened with the protesters in Alimatha when the police arrested 3 of the employees.

An employee of Alimatha said that protests took place in the island, following the dismissal of the employees who led the preparation of a petition requesting an increase in employee allowance. The petition, signed by 36 Maldivian employees, requests for an increase in the salary and service charge provided by the resort as the employees are not able to make ends meet with their present incomes. Ashaam Hassan, one of the employees who led the preparation of the petition, that the management had said that it was not able to cater to any of the employees’ demands.

Alimatha on strike: for petitioning for better pay

According to workers of Alimatha went on strike after the management decided to terminate two workers who sent a petition to the management to increase their pay. Alimatha is one of the most beautiful resorts in Felidhu atoll and the clientele are mostly repeaters. It belongs to the old bad category of resorts where generally workers are expected to live and work hard… quite a different situation from modern big brand resorts which pay good wages and service charge.

Morning briefings..

In theory it ought to be about planning the work for the day; about passing relevant information to the workers for the day, but in practice its very different. Although most resorts do not employ the procedure of morning briefings, some better managed resorts do. The idea is of course to focus the work. However it’s also the chance for the supervisors or middle managers to do a little bit of showing off and impress upon the workers who is the boss around. It maybe a side effect of bad upbringing or a sign of inferiority complex but it’s very prevalent in resort life. Maybe we need better talent up there where it counts.

We have had reports of supervisors doing briefing for a full hour in some resorts, just making it a long long rant going over the same thing. Also the general idea to conduct briefings does not somehow seems to be known by those who do that. In some such briefings the sequence goes like this

· Find fault with somebody and start attacking him/her.

· Inform tid bits of useful info to the work for the day

· Go a long rant about how he (supervisor/manager) came to this position.

It’s a sure way of demoralizing workers by these things while some senior managements are not aware of the drudgery their workers struggle with. Of course life has ups and downs but most resort workers are keeping up just with things like this on a daily basis to survive in the workplace.

Maldives oil exploration and job creation and…

For the first time in a very long long time, the words ‘job creation’ has been mentioned in an election pledge. We have in a previous post mentioned about jobs being a non-issue in our politics. But this seems to be changing now. Of course election pledges are just empty words and most rational people do not believe in the flowery language. But the fact that job creation is at least mentioned now is an improvement. The promised figure is 26k and way they would go about doing that according to PPM would be by inviting more investors and building more resorts. This is of course easier said than done. Our tourism industry has grown up from humble beginnings to ludicrously expensive industry in a recession prone world. In today’s standard, there simply is very little space except for the rich guests. The resorts are designed just for the rich, not for the budget traveler. What cost 5m to build today costs anything over 50m in the space of roughly 20 years. Attracting that kind of investors would be a challenge especially when a healthy opposition is hell bent on thwarting the administration on everything. The saddest part of this political drama is when opposition started calling to boycott our tourism industry and the effects of their negative campaign were felt. There simply has to be a way to do politicking without damaging the economy.

Another useful nugget of information from the Yageen Team was their belief that oil exploration will be renewed, if they basically had their way. There was an attempt to test for oil exploration roughly 20 years ago and it was stopped some years for some reason. The reason we now understand is that it was not feasible at 20$ per barrel at that time. Now that a barrel costs 125% it would be feasible.

Coming from politicians there is little reason to be overjoyed with these prospects. They have a reason to make pledges and promises and we have a reason to be judicial on whether to take their pledges at face value or not.

Tourism ministry takes over Club Faru

Tourism ministry has take over Club Faru after the management has failed to handover the island to the ministry after their lease period is over. This island has been planned to be included with the Hulhumale in the second phase of Hulhumale development project. The arrangements were finalized in 2005 and a temporary license was issued to the island to operate since then, for each year. The owners of the island were also given another island as compensation for the island. At the time the ministry has taken over the island, there were 55 tourists and the ministry has announced that it will run the island in the interim period.

Situation at year end

[pic by visitmaldives]

· Two resorts Alidhoo (Cinnamon Island) and Kudarah (closed for renovation) which are not paying rent has been taken over by revenue authority.

· Parliament has passed the most controversial piece of law which will ensure that any mp who has served any time in parliament will get roughly 1000$ per month (for life time) as ‘recognition’ for their service. Notably this bill was fiercely opposed by most MDP members. This bill has 0% acceptance with public and is will inflame public against them.

· Tourism target figures have not been achieved this year because of the anti-campaigns against the country’s tourism sector by the former administration. Situation is complicated by the messy transition of power and occasional pileups on the garbage island which is frequently reported in international media.

· After multiple murders, stabbings and at last the brutal killing of an MP, there is currently a draft bill for a law which would see capital punishment for serious violent crimes. This legislation will have overwhelming public support but the form of punishment will likely be watered-down to appease the concerns of donor nations and international bodies.

· GMR airport has been taken over by the govt. which was a controversial deal from the start. The direct implications of the affair has seen India tightening visa restriction to Maldives as a result of which airlines which fly locals to India for medical treatment are taking losses. Seeing an obvious opportunity to provide good medical treatment, Villa group chairman announces plans to create the first high quality medical treatment facility in his island.

· Another controversial project, the Immigration database project has been halted by govt. after recommendation by ACC, civil court order, parliament advice and strong public backing.

· GMR deal, immigration database and parliament are the 3 major pointers to corruption in the Maldives and two has been effectively struck down with public approval. The fight for the parliament is heating up and the coming new year will see important but needed corrections.

Wish our readers, employers and all fellow workers a happy new year!

When is Alidhoo staff going to be paid?


Alidhoo Resort staff allegedly still owed wages: “If they don’t like it, they can leave,” says resort owner Jabir 

Foreign staff at Alidhoo Resort allegedly unpaid for six months: “No complaints with my Ministry,” says Human Rights Minister 

Alidhoo Resort sacks 12 staff members following strike over unpaid salaries 

Alidhoo resort staff on strike over unpaid wages


Above are some recent headlines from Minivan. Each story is about the same story. Its about Alidhoo staff not being paid for a couple of months. This is also no longer a secret in Maldives. Its common knowledge that this is about a very bad employer fully immersed in politics who is always in debt to staff. So where does this leave us? Why cannot somebody take action against this. We seems to have the mechanisms to tackle issues like this but they are not seen to be doing anything about it.  Maybe its because of the politics, but still wage not paid still unpaid wage and people suffer for that. We shall use more of our efforts to make people aware and tackle injustices like this.

We ask all resort workers and our readers to raise this issue with anyone relevant to keep pressure on employers to stop this crime against workers. Below are some email addresses to send the story or your concerns.